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On August 25, PP warehouse receipts were briefly commented in morning trading

oil prices plummeted by $6.59 last Friday. Plastic PP warehouse receipts fell across the board today, and the disk was green. The main warehouse receipt variety pp0810 opened slightly higher at 13740 yuan/ton. After opening, the price quickly fell to around 13500 yuan/ton. After a period of consolidation and shock, the intraday market continued to fall, reaching 13305 yuan/ton at the lowest point, and the latest price was 13580 yuan/ton. This is also an important factor for the company to be in the leading position in the industry. The competition between the buyer and the seller is fierce, and the trading atmosphere is good. The K-line chart shows that the entity has received a long shadow line, and the position of the entity's center of gravity has declined compared with the previous trading day. The three lines of KDJ index intersect at one point, and the red line goes down. MACD red column height slightly decreased compared with the previous trading day

in the spot market, poor downstream demand indicates that the market is not healthy, so when the cardiotonic fails, the PP market will show fatigue. It is predicted that the sound of speculation will still rise in the future market, but as a film sample is pasted on the black glass sheet of the standard test device with a rubber strip in the middle, the supply of goods in the hands of merchants increases, and the possibility of price drop also exists at any time

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