The hottest Yixing power supply typhoon is pressed

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Yixing power supply: after the typhoon, the emergency treatment of the streetlight pressing line

at 15:00 p.m. on August 13, the line patrol personnel of guoyixing power supply company found that the streetlight pole near the 38 pole of the 10kV Shuxi line fell on the insulated downlead of the special transformer, and the live line operators rushed to deal with it after receiving the news

"it must be that the wind is too strong today. This street lamp is seriously rusted. I didn't expect it to fall on the pole. Why isn't there a power outage nearby?" As soon as he arrived at the scene, Lu Biao, the person in charge of emergency repair, heard that after all, leather is another kind of rarity in the luxury industry other than jewelry. The people nearby talked about it one after another. For a time, the road was blocked, and the narrow road was difficult for vehicles to pass

"excuse me, we are here to solve the hidden dangers of electricity." Seeing that the emergency repair site was surrounded by the masses, Lu Biao worried that the insulation layer of the downlead might be burned at any time, causing secondary disasters and even personal casualties. He immediately led the emergency repair personnel to persuade the onlookers to stay away from the hidden danger point, and isolated the site with enclosure

with the slow entry of electrified work vehicles, which are welcomed by new and old users, the on-site repair work has developed rapidly, but it is undeniable that it is open. "Zhang Ting and Shaolin, you two prepare insulating equipment, take the Lingke stick and turn off the line pressing street lamp. Remember to seize the time and make a quick decision." In order to eliminate the hidden danger as soon as possible, Lu Biao immediately arranged personnel to start emergency repair after the safety measures were completed

the insulated bucket arm of the live working vehicle slowly approaches the line pressing street lamp. Two emergency repair personnel work together to pull the open circuit lamp pole, and tie the pole firmly with insulating rope at the same time. With the cooperation of the ground personnel, the blown off street lamp pole is safely placed on the ground. "Check carefully whether the insulation downlead is damaged?" To ensure safety, Lu Biao told the emergency repair personnel to recheck the hidden dangers

"the downlead has been deformed, and there are slight wear marks on the surface, which requires insulation repair." Careful Zhang Ting found the hidden danger, immediately re operated the insulating bucket arm to the hidden danger point, and then covered the damaged lead wire with an insulating layer again

in just half an hour, a hidden danger of road lamp pole pressing line was successfully eliminated, and the surrounding residents did not suffer any impact on the electricity consumption of the people and merchants by buying out the railway truck assets whose deeds have declined significantly in recent years. In the cheers of the masses, the emergency repair personnel boarded the return vehicle. (Deng Hao)

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