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Yiwu express industry "fairy fight" carton factory almost didn't keep up with

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core tip: Yiwu, Zhejiang, a city of express delivery, a city of packaging boxes. In 2020, 24.69 million Express items were sent from Yiwu to all parts of the country every day. Last year alone, the new production line could create

in 2020, 24.69 million Express items were sent from Yiwu to all parts of the country every day. Last year alone, the new production line could create 30 or 40 million small express boxes every day. Since the beginning of this year, the low price competition in the express industry has led to warehouse explosion and the capacity expansion of express packaging plants. But this has always been an industry with a very low degree of informatization

in the early years, the boss of the packing box factory relied on handwritten digital faxes to do business. Every month, tens of millions of businesses, from placing orders, delivering goods, and checking bills, all relied on handwriting. Informatization came slowly and eagerly here. Until 2021, with the introduction of new technologies, traditional packaging enterprises finally began to stumble into interconnection

master Tian, the oldest employee in the factory, has been doing packaging for more than 20 years. More than 20 years of factory life has endowed him with rough dark skin, loud voice and casual personality. This is an "occupational disease" left by the factory. If you don't speak loudly, people can't hear you

in February, 1998, after the Spring Festival, the villagers introduced master Tian into the first factory and entered the packaging industry by mistake. It was his first time to "seriously enter the company", which was of great significance to him. In Fujian, he worked as a small worker on the construction site and as a doorman in the factory. He felt that they were all jobs with little technical content. This time, master Tian decided to work hard

this serious company, in fact, at that time, could be called a bad environment. When the factory's machines were running, the exhaust pipe blew towards the ground, and all the dust on the ground flew into the sky. After working the previous day, I felt black on my nose. In summer, the weather was hot and people were dense, "too stuffy". The noise of the machine is also heavy. Two people have to be close to each other to speak. Some people have to put paper towels in their ears

master Tian cherishes this job. Just entering the factory, the leaders are not at ease. They hand over the work of operating the machine to these hairy boys. First, they start with apprentices, sweep the floor, sort out the materials, and take the initiative to help where they move things. When a master operates the machine, they grasp and watch. After watching it for a year and a half, master Tian became familiar with the operation. The workshop foreman felt that he was very serious. Only then did he get on the machine for the first time and operate it by himself

according to the supply order, "the paper is thick and thin, including kraft paper or carton board. According to the needs of customers, we put this paper on the machine. After high temperature and compression, the cardboard becomes soft, and it can be pressed into a fixed shape in the mold." from a paper cylinder that is one and a half tall and weighs hundreds of kilograms, it eventually becomes corrugated paper for the packaging box

I started as an apprentice, followed by the captain, team leader and foreman. In 2006, the scale of the factory has not grown. "That kind of old-fashioned factory is a fixed number of customers, and I don't think about how big I want to be and how many customers I want to expand." He decided to leave this factory, which had been working for eight years, and came to Zhejiang from Fujian

these 4. Accuracy of experimental force: better than 1% of the indicated value, the packaging industry has developed slowly and steadily. From the early 1990s, when Tian Shifu just entered the industry, it was also a period of slow rise of the packaging industry. In the early days, the machinery and equipment of the factory were not as advanced as today. Most of them were in semi automation. A tile line needed dozens of people. The market competition was not large, and it was a profitable business. After 2000, with the intensification of market competition, the equipment had to be updated, the efficiency was improved, and the labor cost was reduced

in 2006, when master Tian came to Zhejiang from Fujian, he began to have mechanized equipment. Like master Tian, most of the people who entered the industry were friends with friends and fellow villagers with fellow villagers. "At that time, people without ability entered the factory and learned a craft to make a living."

in 2008, business was particularly easy to do. Waiting in the factory, orders came to us, "we don't need salespeople to go outside to visit customers, but customers or people came to the door to place orders." Some enterprises have poor reputation and insufficient funds. "People don't give you money. They choose customers here because there are too many customers."

even regular customers who have cooperated for many years do not accept the extension of the account period, and cash will be delivered immediately. "His goods are in short supply. It's not a long-term customer. He can't do it for you."

the planning department is responsible for receiving orders. As usual, the production capacity of a production line is about 80000 square meters a day, and the planning department can receive more than 200000 orders a day. "Obviously, the orders received a day cannot be produced, and they are already full." At that time, the boss saw the business opportunity. The two production lines had accumulated tens of thousands of tons of paper, and all employees worked in two shifts. They had to start work during the day and night, and kept production for 24 hours, "which is equivalent to doubling the production capacity."

because of the good days of 2008, more and more people have entered the packaging industry. Now Zhou ran (a pseudonym), the boss of Fengshou packaging factory, used to do business in the construction industry. Huang Binbin, his nephew who had been working in the packaging industry for several years to instigate the light on, tried his best to persuade him that the packaging industry had a good prospect, "how much money did the boss make and how fast it developed?"

at that time, entrepreneurship was not as fastidious as it is now. It was necessary to do market research and feasibility analysis. At that time, Zhou ran first considered the biggest risk of this matter. He found that the "only and greatest advantage of the packaging industry is the low risk coefficient". Although this is a traditional industry, it has great market potential. "Even waste paper can be sold for money, waste paper scraps swept up on the ground are money, and the loss is limited." In this way, Fengshou packaging factory was born

the market scale of packaging is large enough. From the perspective of end customers, it has a market scale of two trillion yuan. As long as transportation is involved, packaging is inseparable. Packaging is an industry closely related to people. "No matter how it changes in the future, packaging will exist."

considering the transportation cost, the business scope of harvest packaging is about 100 kilometers around. Packaging is closely related to the level of local economic development. Economically developed Guangdong and Fujian regions are also the most developed in the packaging industry

in the past five years, Jinhua has added hundreds of packaging enterprises. Master Tian also bought it himself. The first thing to do when he bought something is to see the quality of the packaging box. "All the things we buy now are basically packed in cartons, and we haven't left this thing."

now, the factory is modern enough, and machines have replaced most people's work. Just sit on a chair, control a huge mechanical arm, put the paper cylinder on the machine, then heat it, shape it, and finally turn it into cardboard. The machine cuts the size, and then carries it to the car in groups of ten. The delivery can be completed on the same day

compared with the past, physical work is much easier. Previously, it was carried by hand and shoulders. Now it only needs to rely on machine buttons, and there is no need to work in dusty rooms anymore. More and more people have entered the packaging industry, and they don't pay attention to the apprenticeship system. As long as they are willing to learn, they are welcome to come at any time

in 2014, intelligence has been gradually popularized, and Internet has become the main way to obtain information. At that time, Huang Binbin, head of harvest packaging sales, relied on calling and visiting customers. Most of the customers are scattered in the surrounding villages. When they meet a customer, they drive for two hours, chat for one hour, and then drive back for two hours. They spend their time on the road. At the end of the day, they visit at most twoorthree

Huang Binbin runs outside every day, and many tertiary manufacturers are distributed in villages and industrial parks. To expand new customers, we can only rely on every opportunity. Some customers with small orders or too far away can only give up

in August last year, Tencent enterprises began to visit tertiary factories in the packaging industry after reaching cooperation with yunyin. After mining the digital needs of the packaging industry, the two sides built a good order based on Tencent's social IM, NLP (natural language processing) capabilities, OCR (character recognition) and other open capabilities. Liu Hang, director of Tencent enterprise B2B ecosystem industry, said that many bosses of tier three manufacturers are still placing orders, "you may not imagine that up to now, its delivery order is still handwritten. Including the reconciliation is also calculated manually, which is actually very traditional."

imagine that today, many factories still use the most traditional way: order

write the list on white paper and take a photo. There are six employees in Fengshou packaging factory, who manually input the length, width and height data of these photos into the machine. "A hundred people have a hundred kinds of fonts", said Huang Binbin. There are always people whose handwriting is scrawled. When it is written, it is 1. Later, the production process is regarded as 7. 1 becomes 7, and 2 becomes 8. When the goods are delivered, the two sides will have a dispute. A list of tens of thousands of yuan is often lost

this is the time difference between traditional factories and modern technology: they are still in 2010, in the fax era before the popularization of mobile Internet

even in 2019, this is still a very traditional enterprise. Chen Lu joined harvest packaging. At that time, his most important job in the day was to deliver goods. Every customer has an order plan. The order volume of a day is as thick as three Xinhua dictionaries. It takes three hours and hundreds of clips to tear them off one by one

tear down the orders, classify them by region, and merge them with the old orders of the same company, so as to arrange the production plan of the production line. He had to carry a pile of lists with him. He could only remove them after delivering the goods and Issuing the tickets. He continued to stare at the next one. There were many lists, and sometimes if one was lost, he had to worry about a large loss

among hundreds of customers in Fengshou packaging factory, a little girl is busy distributing receipt information every day. Each receipt has a customer's signature. Some customers' names are not different, and they often have the wrong distribution. Huang Binbin said, "if our customers increase to 1000, the little girl who divides the orders will collapse."

on one side is the traditional "manual workshop" enterprise, on the other side, the packaging industry is almost exponential growth

around 2012, Huang Binbin found that the number of customers in the market did not decrease, but the customer unit price decreased. "The whole market is expanding, and the market demand is increasing. Basically, the supply is still in short supply." However, the tertiary factory has more choices. A tertiary factory often cooperates with two or more secondary factories. For salespeople, when they go to the tertiary factory to negotiate the price, the other party will say, your price is too high, and other companies give me another price. Chatting with customers, they often mention that they have opened new factories, and which one has expanded its production capacity

Jinhua's production capacity has been improving, especially in 2020, the whole Jinhua region expanded 12 production lines. The daily output of a production line is about 300000 square meters

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