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Yiwu printing investment in India has become a hot spot

in recent years, India's comprehensive national strength and international influence have increased significantly, and China India relations have entered a new stage of development. The mutual penetration and interaction between the two sides in the economic field are increasingly obvious, which is conducive to the development of domestic enterprises in India. It can also further reduce the electrode linewidth and increase the illumination area

although India is good at software industry, it has insufficient investment in infrastructure. Combining thermosetting and thermoplastic resin systems with precision shredded carbon fibers, manufacturing industry does not occupy a dominant position in the Indian economy, and focuses on Service outsourcing industry. China's manufacturing value-added ranks fourth in the world and is complementary to India in many aspects

take the infrastructure industry as an example, India h. multi language random switching: Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English at present, the fully closed highway is only 300 kilometers, the annual power generation is only about 25% of China's, the container throughput is 1/14 of China's, and the penetration rate is only 1/6 of China's, and the derivative industries of these related industries can be made up by Chinese enterprises, presenting huge business opportunities. In addition, daily consumer products and basic industrial commodities are the highlight of Yiwu enterprises, and their export to India will also bring good profits

at present, domestic enterprises' investment in India involves household appliances, daily necessities, building decoration, printing plate making, agricultural machinery, resource development, power construction and other fields. Yiwu enterprises with the idea of going global can seek business opportunities in these relatively stable industries

judging from the characteristics of domestic enterprises' investment in India, direct investment is still in its preliminary stage, with a running in and starting period. If enterprises want to go to India for gold mining, they should also be more familiar with the national conditions of the country, grasp the market conditions, and select the right entry and/H1 information, which is probably more than the point

at present, India's suggestions for Chinese enterprises to invest in India are as follows: first, production and processing enterprises can consider setting up special economic zones or export-oriented enterprises in special economic zones in India, and take advantage of the existing preferential tax policies to take India as the production base, so as to expand the Indian market, enter South Asia, and export curvilinearly to the European and American markets

second, in view of the current situation that the Indian market has not been basically developed and India's policy that the proportion of foreign investment in wholesale trade enterprises can reach 100%, it is suggested that Chinese enterprises expand the field of high-tech products by establishing trade-oriented enterprises, so as to occupy the home appliance and small commodity markets

third, grasp the characteristics of India's rich resources such as minerals, develop resource processing enterprises, develop mineral resources, and then return to China

in addition, the basic policy of India's foreign direct investment prohibits foreign investment in the retail industry (except the retail of a brand product), gambling and gambling industry; If you want to invest in projects that are reserved for small-scale enterprises and have an investment proportion of more than 24%, you need to obtain the prior approval of the Indian government for investment. If you want to invest in other similar industries, you can exclude those with an investment proportion of less than 3%

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