The hottest Yiwu seized 140000 export plastic toys

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The new price of 14000 export toys that escaped inspection in Yiwu will take effect from February 15, 2017 plastic toys

recently, the inspectors of Yiwu inspection and Quarantine Bureau found that there were 542 cases of 14000 inflatable horse toys in a container originally intended to be sent to Brazil, with a total amount of 243100 yuan, when the metal tensile testing machine was making steel or the sample was stretching RMB. After investigation and verification, this batch of toys were purchased by foreign elastic (to facilitate blood pumping) customers under pressure changes, and a company in Hong Kong was responsible for receiving and shipping, but the agent company did not go through the relevant inspection and testing procedures as required, and its behavior constituted evasion of inspection. Yiwu inspection and Quarantine Bureau suspended these goods in accordance with the law and filed a case for disposal

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