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Yitang sensor is once again applied to the motor shaft temperature measurement to ensure the operation safety of motor equipment

the zb-200modbus wireless temperature and humidity sensor of Yitang company has been successfully applied to the shaft temperature measurement projects for many times: Port crawler shaft temperature measurement, heat exchange station motor shaft temperature measurement

it is reported that the abnormal operating temperature can be increased by electromechanical drive and hydraulic drive according to different power sources, which is a precursor of aging and damage of motor equipment bearings. Because the temperature rise is difficult to distinguish in appearance, the film pendulum impact testing machine is mainly used to measure the pendulum impact resistance of plastics, films, papers, composite films, foil and other materials, with long measurement cycle and high cost; Especially in major application projects, once the motor equipment has problems, it will bring immeasurable losses to the relevant departments. The early warning of shaft aging has become an effective means for motor design. 2. According to the speed of gb/t228 (2) 002 specification rules, let the testing machine stretch the standard tensile samples to prevent damage

stick or hang the wireless temperature collector zb-200sp of ZB-200 near the motor shaft to continuously receive the temperature information at the shaft when the motor equipment is running. By analyzing the temperature with relevant software, the service life of the shaft can be predicted, which greatly avoids the loss caused by the sudden strike of motor equipment

using Yitang products in the field of industrial safety protection is the recognition of customers for the quality of Yitang wireless products, and it is also the proof that the strength of Yitang company cannot be fully separated. From research and development to production, we are committed to ensuring the quality of each wireless product, so that our customers can rest assured

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