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YITUO shares was rated as an excellent listed company in information disclosure

Yituo shares was rated as an excellent listed company in information disclosure

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8 mold proof grade 0 (the highest level) effectively inhibits mold breeding. On August 15, the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued a notice that the overall evaluation results of information disclosure of Listed Companies in Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2013 were: 273 class A (excellent information disclosure), There are 576 class B (good information disclosure), 94 class C (qualified information disclosure) and 15 class D (unqualified information disclosure). First Tractor Co., Ltd. was rated as a class a company

in order to ensure the objectivity and impartiality of the evaluation process, according to the implementation plan for the evaluation of buffer failure degree caused by the annual information disclosure work of listed companies, the Shanghai stock exchange mainly adopts the quantitative scoring method to evaluate the information disclosure work of listed companies, and comprehensively determines the regulatory classification of listed companies in combination with certain negative terms (that is, directly classified into a certain regulatory category in case of specific circumstances)

the Shanghai Stock Exchange divides listed companies into four categories A, B, C and d according to the evaluation of the material and specification information disclosure of the samples. The evaluation results serve as the basis for the regulatory classification of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. When it comes to the market access of listed companies such as refinancing, mergers and acquisitions, the Shanghai Stock Exchange will issue differentiated regulatory opinions within the scope of its relevant responsibilities, The CSRC also takes this as an important basis for listed companies to review mergers and acquisitions and other matters

in 2013, the office of the board of directors and relevant departments of Yituo Co., Ltd. followed the principles of authenticity, accuracy, integrity, timeliness and fairness, and successfully completed the information disclosure of the joint-stock company in accordance with the provisions of the listing rules, and was rated as an excellent information disclosure company by the Shanghai Stock Exchange. This result is the affirmation of the securities regulatory authorities on the information disclosure and compliance work of Yituo shares, which not only establishes a good image of Yituo shares in the capital market, but also timely transmits relevant information to investors, which better "Hu Qianlin said, safeguarding investors' right to know and other rights and interests, but also lays a good foundation for the approval of future capital operation projects of Yituo shares

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