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manual test of diesel generator set manual start: first test the alarm system is normal, and then switch the control switch to the manual position, the diesel generator set can start automatically

shutdown of diesel generator set: turn the control switch to the stop position or press the red emergency stop button to stop the generator. In case of emergency, press the emergency stop button directly to force the shutdown. If the red emergency stop button is pressed, it must return to its original position when it is next started. Yiwu platinum generator set manufacturer_ [Chengmai electromechanical equipment], otherwise the generator will not start

automatic switching control. Switch the control switch to automatic (auto) and cooperate with the automatic power transfer switch (ATS). The control switch must also be placed in the automatic position for use. When the mains power is stopped, Yiwu platinum generator set manufacturer_ [Chengmai electromechanical equipment], a • t • s will send the start signal to the generator control system, and the generator will start automatically

when the control switch is switched to stop, or remains in automatic, Yiwu platinum generator set manufacturer_ [Chengmai electromechanical equipment], but when the mains power has been restored, the ATS will send a stop signal, and the diesel generator set will stop automatically. Note: when the diesel generator set in operation stops automatically due to faults (over speed, high water temperature, low oil pressure, etc.), press the fault reset button after troubleshooting to prepare for restart

when the cooling water is insufficient or the temperature of cooling water and engine oil is too high

insufficient cooling water of diesel engine will reduce its cooling effect, and the diesel engine will overheat due to lack of effective cooling; Too high oil temperature of cooling water and engine oil will also cause overheating of diesel engine. At this time, the main heating loads of cylinder head, cylinder liner, piston components and valves are large, and their mechanical properties such as strength and toughness decline sharply, which increases the deformation of parts, reduces the fitting clearance between parts, accelerates the wear of parts, and even causes cracks and stuck parts in serious cases. Too high temperature of cooling water and engine oil will accelerate the aging, deterioration and burning of engine oil, and the viscosity of engine oil will decrease. The lubrication conditions of casing, piston and main friction pairs will deteriorate, resulting in abnormal wear. Overheating of the diesel engine will also worsen the combustion process of the diesel engine, causing the injector to work abnormally, poor atomization and increased carbon deposition

in order to make customers better use of our Zhongwang diesel generator products, here we will introduce in detail some operation precautions during the operation of quantum diesel generator set and the operation rules during the normal shutdown of the unit, so as to help you better use our diesel generator set in your work. First, let's talk about the operation of the diesel generator set during operation: when the generator set enters full speed operation, and the generator voltage and frequency are normal and stable, the operator can turn on and off the generator air switch. During the operation of the diesel generator set, the operator should also regularly observe whether the operation of the set is normal, observe whether the instrument indication of the control panel is in the normal position, whether the control panel has pre alarm indication, the fuel level of the fuel tank and other operating parameters are correct, and regularly record the parameters of the unit operation. Next, let's talk about the operation of the emergency stop process of the diesel generator set: once the operator finds that the unit has serious safety protection devices, which are divided into two types of faults or power distribution faults, he can press the emergency stop button on the control panel to stop the unit immediately. Generally, when no special circumstances occur, we do not recommend users to stop the unit through the emergency stop button at will, which is also the habit of using the generator set correctly and scientifically

the internal combustion engine is used as the power to drive the synchronous alternator to generate electricity. If the brushless synchronous alternator is installed coaxially without the crankshaft of the diesel engine, the rotor of the generator can be driven by the rotation of the diesel engine. Using the principle of 'electromagnetic induction', the soft packaging has entered the field of vision of the cereal manufacturer, and the motor will output the induced electromotive force and generate current through the closed load circuit

Hongmiao Electromechanical is a super large high-tech enterprise integrating development, design, manufacturing and marketing. Its business scope covers diesel generator sets, gas generator sets, and silent diesel generator set production and sales to further improve production efficiency. The self-developed diesel generator set has advanced four protection, self starting and self switching, computer remote monitoring and other functions, and the power covers 50kw-3000kw

emergency stop with load or stop immediately after suddenly unloading the load

after the diesel engine flameout, the water circulation of the cooling system stops, the heat dissipation capacity decreases sharply, and the heated parts lose cooling, which is easy to cause the cylinder head, cylinder liner, cylinder block and other parts to overheat, produce cracks, or make the piston expand excessively and get stuck in the cylinder liner. On the other hand, the diesel connection should be reliable. If the engine is shut down without idle speed cooling, the friction surface will lack oil. When the diesel engine is started again, the wear will be aggravated due to poor lubrication. Therefore, the load should be removed before the diesel engine stalls, and the speed should be gradually reduced and the engine should run without load for several minutes. The diesel engine slammed the throttle after cold start. If the throttle is slammed after the cold start of the diesel engine, the speed of the diesel engine will rise sharply, which will cause severe wear of some friction surfaces of machine parts due to dry friction. In addition, the force on the piston, connecting rod and crankshaft changes greatly when the throttle is blown, causing severe impact and easy to damage the parts

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