The hottest Yiwei releases 300 series 8ao module

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Yiwei released 300 series 8ao modules

in September 2011, unimat released an analog output module with an order number of unhfab0. This new product is mainly used for S-Series CPU to expand 8-channel analog output, filling the gap of domestic compatible PLC module 8a0 module with small space at present, and truly realizing the free setting of voltage or current output mode for each channel of eight channels. It has the following features and functions:


good compatibility: the product has unstable friction, is compatible with Siemens S7 products, and there is no need to change the original supporting equipment of the near resonance vibrator with rubber springs, and there is no need to learn new knowledge

high stability: complete quality assurance system, all products have been strictly tested

high performance machines are in front of you. Price ratio: complete management and large-scale production make the products have high cost performance


● 8-point analog output

● voltage range: ± 10V, V, v

current range: ± 20mA, Ma, ma

● the measurement resolution of each channel is 12 bits

● used to connect analog actuator

● 24V power down detection

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