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Yiwu packing box industry needs to be developed

it is reported that the daily demand for packing boxes in Yiwu market has reached hundreds of millions, but at present, except for a small number of packing boxes produced locally in Yiwu, most of them come from Guangdong and Anhui. Some operators proposed that Yiwu packing box industry cluster should be cultivated, so that N68 precision machine tool hydraulic oil can be used to enhance the competitiveness of Yiwu small commodities

in recent years, with the rapid development of Yiwu's small commodity economy, especially the increasingly developed industries such as handicrafts, the requirements for product appearance and packaging quality are constantly improving, and the demand for packaging boxes is also increasing. According to incomplete statistics, there are only 4 × Four specifications of crystal packing boxes need 800000 every day, and other specifications of packing boxes are countless; Similarly, as the "doorstep" market of Pujiang River, Yiwu also has a market demand of more than hundreds of millions every day

there are no more advanced packing box industrial clusters in Yiwu and its surrounding areas, and most of them are still at the level of manual or semi-automatic. At present, the market demand mainly depends on the packaging boxes provided by enterprises in Guangdong and Anhui, which account for 70% of the consumption market of Pujiang, Yiwu and Dongyang packaging boxes

information source: China packaging

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