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Yixun helped launch the 12301 National Smart tourism public service platform

recently, Yixun (China) Software Co., Ltd. (and these packaging materials are often discarded in the hands of consumers, hereinafter referred to as Yixun) announced that the 12301 National Smart tourism public service platform built and operated by vision China (000681) had been officially launched before the National Day golden week, The platform adopts Yixun all media interaction center and Genesys customer experience program, aiming to create an integrated all media interaction platform for tourists

12301 National Smart tourism public service platform serves the majority of tourists, tourism related enterprises, scenic spots and relevant management departments, integrates 12301 tourism service number, tourism service station platform and interactive community, takes the all media interaction center as the carrier, and takes the integration and mining of Internet data as the means to realize the collection and release of tourism public information and information (including the acceptance interface of tourism complaints) The collection of tourism industry operation supervision information, scenic spot ticket booking and passenger flow carrying capacity statistics and early warning, multilingual tourism image promotion, tourism big data collection and integration and other functions, and these functions are integrated on the Internet platform, with digital, networking, intelligent public services, to maximize the improvement of tourist tourism experience, tourism related enterprise business service efficiency, industry supervision and public service capacity. Relying on the integration of the platform and its group's content resources, and focusing on the theme of tourism, Yixun plans to eventually enter the field of visual social networking

through the 12301 National Smart tourism public service platform, tourists, tourism related enterprises, scenic spots and relevant management departments can use social media access such as, web chat, web call, email, fax, SMS, Weibo, etc. through intelligent unified routing through multimedia channels, realize all media interaction, rapid feedback, real-time supervision, and improve the service reputation of the National Tourism Administration; At the same time, new technologies such as full search and big data analysis are used to understand tourism trends in real time, analyze market trends, provide basis for administrative decisions, and improve the innovation ability and comprehensive influence of the National Tourism Administration. At the same time, the National Tourism Administration will use the advantages of the National Smart tourism public service platform to form a comprehensive index of the national tourism market order

make it better applicable to C919 aircraft. Li Nong, executive director and Chief Strategic Officer of Yixun (China) software company, said: the blowout development of China's tourism industry has put forward higher service requirements for tourism services. Thanks to the development of the times, the Internet technology distinguishes this platform from traditional call centers, We hope that this platform can promote the development of services in China's tourism industry as a whole. Travel you have me, worry free travel

visible platforms, invisible boundaries, tangible platforms, and unbounded industries, services, and innovation. With the in-depth implementation of the project, the National Smart tourism public service platform will have richer, broader and more far-reaching development prospects, which will promote the sustained, rapid and healthy development of the entire Chinese tourism industry

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