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International digital printing will show an increasing trend

according to Scott schinleaver, senior vice president and general manager of rastek product department of EFI, the higher the resolution of vutek, which was investigated by digital output magazine, the sales of digital printing equipment has improved under the promotion of M & A of printing enterprises. According to Scott scholling, with the continuous expansion of the production scale of printing enterprises, their demand for digital printing will become more urgent. What these enterprises need is not just one device or a set of digital printing solutions, but two or three devices and ways to use these devices to increase profits

in August this year, digital output magazine of the United States published an annual survey report called "the current situation of the digital printing industry", and in the process of writing the report, it solicited the views of several digital printing equipment manufacturers on the overall business environment in the past year to one and a half years. Through a large number of investigations and studies, digital output magazine concluded that technological progress will greatly expand the scope of the printing market and attract more customers for printing enterprises. Although there are still many uncertain factors in the global economic situation, on the whole, the printing market, especially the digital printing market, will continue to grow

lean workflow is the key

it is important to have printing equipment with rich functions, but lean workflow is also an indispensable production factor for printing enterprises. Only when they find their own workflow, can they better control the whole production process from live parts submission, printing management, document creation to printing, packaging and finishing, thus opening up a new path in the fierce market competition

from the current situation, the merger and reorganization of enterprises is the general trend of the printing industry, and the workflow will also become an important part of the sales model of printing enterprises. The latter will also undergo the transformation from a printing processing plant to a short version production plant. Therefore, it is inevitable to strictly control every link of the production process

the pace of printing enterprises purchasing new equipment slowed down.

it is understood that the printing output in the United States increased significantly at the end of last year and the beginning of this year, but the development prospect of the industry is still uncertain. Compared with the economic recession, lack of funds is the biggest problem that many printing enterprises need to solve. In fact, economic problems have forced many printing enterprises to slow down the pace of purchasing new equipment last year

in addition to the huge principal amount on April 8, the high interest expenditure often makes the printing enterprises feel powerless. In addition, the printing and sales mode of the Marine Development Experimental Zone integrating bonded, processing and warehousing, such as imported equipment, raw materials and logistics support facilities, which meet the development needs of the South China Sea, is changing with each passing day, and the selection of new equipment by printing enterprises is also undergoing substantial changes

the sales of digital printing equipment has improved.

therefore, if digital printing equipment suppliers want to take the lead in this round of economic recovery, they must deeply study customer needs, constantly launch new technologies and products, become their business partners, and achieve a win-win situation with printing enterprises

reduced supply

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