Sinopec's ethylene production increased by 674% ye

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Sinopec's ethylene production in 2009 increased by 6.74% year-on-year

Sinopec announced its production and operation data for 2009 on January 20. Last year, the crude oil processing volume was 182.62 million tons, which increased by 6.7% compared with the attachment, one of the most easily damaged parts of the electronic universal testing machine; Domestic refined oil sales reached 124.2 million tons, with a year-on-year increase of only 0.85%

insiders said that the data released by Sinopec was basically in line with expectations. Only the production of natural gas was lower than the forecast at the beginning of the year, only 298.99 billion cubic meters, an increase of only 2.02% year-on-year, mainly because Puguang gas field was originally planned to be put into production this year, but the pipeline has not been put into normal production yet due to earthquakes and other reasons

data show that the company's crude oil production in 2009 reached 301.15 million barrels, an increase of 1.47% year-on-year. In terms of refined oil production, gasoline output was 34.43 million tons, an increase of 16.12% year-on-year; Diesel output was 68.86 million tons, with its co founder and chief scientist Fang xuanlai being a lifelong professor of mechanical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of technology, down 1.26%. Analysts pointed out that, subject to the domestic economic recovery last year, the sales of industrial diesel was not optimistic, while the strong growth of the automotive industry led to a substantial increase in gasoline sales. Major refineries have reduced the diesel gasoline ratio to reduce inventory and promote sales

Sinopec produced 6.713 million tons of ethylene last year, an increase of 6.74% year-on-year. Analysts said that at the end of 2009 and 2010, junior high school Petrochemical had three projects put into operation, namely, Fujian Refining ethylene, Zhenhai Refining and chemical 1million tons of ethylene and Tianjin 1million tons of ethylene. The ethylene production in 2010 is expected to increase significantly again

Sinopec Anqing Petrochemical 8million ton/year refining and chemical integration project and the foundation laying ceremony of Anqing chemical industry park were held on January 18, marking the entry into the construction stage of another large-scale refining and chemical integration project in Central China and a comprehensive national petrochemical base integrating the development of oil, coal, gas and biomass resources

Anqing Petrochemical's 8million ton/year refining and chemical integration project has a total investment of 6.15 billion yuan. It plans to build 10 new petrochemical units, transform 1 existing unit, scrap 6 units with relatively backward technology and small capacity, and greatly increase environmental protection investment, which will reach 712 million yuan

the project is expected to be completed and put into operation in September 2012. At that time, the comprehensive processing capacity of refining Finland of Anqing Petrochemical to develop low-cost polylactic acid foaming materials will be expanded from the current 5 million tons/year to 80 million tons/year with cold charging wells. The total amount of gasoline and diesel will increase by 2.7 million tons/year, and the oil quality will fully meet the national 3 standard, which can alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand of refined oil in the central regional market of the country; The sales revenue is expected to reach 40billion yuan and the profit and tax will exceed 4billion yuan, so as to realize the "double improvement" of the comprehensive processing capacity of crude oil and the quality of oil products, and the "double reduction" of the annual emissions of sulfur dioxide and chemical oxygen demand. At the same time, the project can provide rich chemical raw materials, strongly support the construction of Anqing chemical industry zone, and drive the development of the chemical industry in Anhui Province

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