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Abstract: This paper mainly introduces two intelligent buildings in Britain, one is the environmental protection, energy conservation and intelligent control of a single villa, and the other is the characteristics and use of the intelligent system of "Myrtle" intelligent apartment

key words: environmental protection, energy conservation, intelligent control, intelligent apartment, Untitled Document, intelligent residence is the inevitable result of the penetration and development of IT technology into the traditional building industry. Since the birth of the first intelligent building in the United States in 1984, the development of intelligent buildings has been rising all over the world. From high file intelligent buildings with various special functions to residential houses, which are the most basic content of the construction industry in recent years, it has led to revolutionary changes in the intelligence and comfort of residential buildings, and also led to the intellectualization of the operation and control of household appliances, resulting in the information home appliance industry. In foreign countries, there are even network houses and network communities corresponding to virtual communities. The construction of intelligent residential areas in China is also very popular, and the most basic unit is intelligent housing

this paper introduces two practical smart houses that have been completed in the UK, from which we can understand the development of smart houses in Europe (UK)

1 intelligent residence

this was built by an organization called integer in September, 1998. Integer is a non-profit organization whose role is to promote the intellectualization and environmental protection of buildings in Europe. This intelligent house named after the organization is located in the integer building research and development center in ord City, where watf has officially put into operation. In such a single villa building, many features are included: environmental protection, energy conservation, intelligent control and low price. The concept of intelligent home housing is introduced into the 21st century

1.1 environmental awareness

· recycled building materials

integer smart house building materials should try to use natural and recycled materials, such as wood, etc. other materials include those that have been improved and can be recycled in recent years, such as wall insulation materials, floor materials, glass, steel, aluminum, etc. Due to environmental protection, the use of cement should be minimized

· water saving facilities

a separate wastewater treatment system discharges the water from the indoor bath and wash basin into the underground water tank. After biological treatment, it can be used to wash sanitary equipment, etc. The toilet is equipped with two speed water flow control to reduce the use of water. At the same time, low water switch and sprinkler are used to minimize the use of water

rainwater flows from the roof to a large reservoir under the garden. Water pumps and superchargers generate pressure to use the water for irrigation. Irrigation machines are sensitive to humidity and only irrigate plants when they feel that they need water. The use of water circulation system saves 30% of water. Rainwater storage, management of water flowing from the eaves and water circulation system reduce the peak water flow and greatly reduce the flow to the drainage channel

· save energy

integer smart house has a large greenhouse with only a few windows in the southwest and grounding shutters in the northeast. The greenhouse protects the house from heat emission, and it also provides a natural connection between the external garden and the interior of the room and the three floors. The shaft surface of the greenhouse also has the function of reducing noise, which can reduce the impact of the noise generated by the traffic near the highway on residents. Some of the grounding shutters are underground, which makes the bedrooms underground warm in winter and cool in summer, because the ground surface can absorb excess heat in summer, and in winter, the heat stored on the ground surface can be absorbed again

the house provides indoor heat through a low-temperature heat exchanger in the floor. The heat source of the heat exchanger is provided by two heat pumps in 50m underground boreholes. The maximum distance between the heat pumps stretching from the ground is 650mm; (can be customized according to customer requirements) extract 3/4 of all the heat required by the house. Generally, the heat pump can increase the temperature of the heat exchanger from 11 ℃ to 50 ℃. Each room has a separate temperature control. Most light sources are low-voltage fluorescent lamps, which can be controlled and used

the structure of high-efficiency heat energy and the utilization of solar energy have greatly reduced the heat source cost of the building. By using the ground heat pump as the heat source, more than 70% of the heat requirements are obtained. Therefore, the annual cost of heat source is expected to be £ 40. The cost is minimized by using tungsten, halogen low-voltage fluorescent lamps and lighting system control

· renewable resources

solar heat pipes and controllers provide the main hot water resources for houses. When the solar energy is sufficient, they will automatically turn off their electric heaters as needed. Optical pressure plate material has become a fundamental problem, and the chemical industry is expected to generate electric energy to drive the passive ventilation system with small wind turbines

1.2 integrated communication

the voice, data and TV branch lines are installed in each room, and at least one room has an interface. Many interfaces are installed in the living room and office for data processing and entertainment. All cable terminals are placed in a cabinet where proper internal connections can be made. ISDN provides the residence with 10 numbers, and incoming ones are transferred through ISDN according to the dialed number and time. ISDN also has Internet function, which can operate on any internal computer quickly

10bt data forms a master server, and there are workstations in the home office, kitchen, and a bedroom. The laptop can be connected to the network in any room, thus providing working equipment. The network is organized into an Internet that can share data such as files, diaries, and emails. Through the Internet, you can also enter the residential management system

analog and digital satellite TV services are also provided in the hall of the residence, and CCTV interfaces are also provided at the front door, greenhouse and reservoir. Joint signal systems such as satellite relay can be used on any screen in the room, including computer screens. The infrared remote control system of the satellite is only set in the main room, and there is no such system in the children's room. The residential audio system allows the occupants to choose their favorite music and radio. These systems are not installed in the bathroom and children's rooms

1.3 intelligent control

integer intelligent house control system adopts hierarchical method to provide integrated control, which controls residential lighting, hot water, safety, temperature, ventilation of heating room, etc., and all systems can be controlled independently. In addition, a security system that can automatically change the control mode is also installed. When the residential mode is changed, it can be automatically changed, including an

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