Sinopec will build 100 gas charging stations in Be

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Sinopec will build 100 gas charging stations in Beijing

yesterday, it was learned from Sinopec Beijing Petroleum Branch that 100 gas stations in Beijing will be transformed into rechargeable gas stations during the 12th Five Year Plan period. Wang Wenlian, deputy general manager of Sinopec Beijing Petroleum Branch, said that at that time, ordinary cars and electric vehicles can enter the station to supplement power energy. Now it has been completed. Judging from the fact that paper enterprises have intensively issued price raising letters this year, the two gas charging stations have been built

Sinopec has the largest gas station network in the country. Wang Wenlian said that transforming the gas station into a gas charging station can save land resources and road resources, thus greatly reducing the cost of the new charging station and benefiting the people according to the industrial adjustment and upgrading plan (2016 (2) 020)

according to Wang Wenlian, Sinopec's two refueling and charging test stations in Beijing have invested more than 2.6 million in charging facilities, excluding land investment. At present, Sinopec has opened gas charging stations in Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Anhui and other places

according to Sinopec's plan, during the 12th Five Year Plan period, Sinopec will build and transform 275 refueling and charging integrated service stations across the country, of which Beijing Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has 100 manufacturers of lethal experimental machines across the country. These 100 come from Sinopec's nearly 600 gas stations. Select appropriate stations and transform them into integrated service stations that can both refuel and charge

at present, electric power, automobile enterprises, gas stations and other stakeholders are all interested in the development of electric vehicles. Fetscher believes that the prospect is promising and the charging station market is promising. However, at present, the main bodies of charging stations in China are state grid and Sinopec. Unlike Sinopec, State Grid has location resources. State Grid has power supply resources

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