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Sinopec plans to withdraw the sales right of liquefied gas to compete with PetroChina Kunlun Gas. By "incorporating" the sales right of liquefied gas in refineries and oil fields under PetroChina Kunlun Gas, the market share of liquefied gas has "increased by leaps and bounds", with remarkable results, Sinopec, another domestic liquefied gas giant, has accelerated the pace of unified marketing of liquefied gas and emulated PetroChina

on May 14, the daily economy learned from market institutions that Sinopec's plan for the unified marketing of liquefied gas has been submitted to the marketing department of the group's oil refining division, and the unified marketing of liquefied gas may be gradually launched in the second half of the year. In this regard, Sinopec's refineries said that when the liquefied gas sales will be unified will be finally determined by the group company

"incorporate" liquefied gas sales rights

according to Wu Guodong, an analyst at Treasure Island, he learned from Sinopec Jinan refinery that Sinopec has investigated the unified marketing of some refineries since the Spring Festival in 2012, and most refineries have agreed to this practice. The unified marketing plan was submitted to the marketing department of Sinopec refining division two months ago, and is currently awaiting final approval. If it goes well, Sinopec's unified marketing of liquefied gas may be gradually rolled out in the second half of the year

"at present, our liquefied gas sales are still in the hands of our respective refineries, and there is no unified department responsible for it. When the liquefied gas sales will be unified will be finally determined by the group company." Sinopec refinery officials told the daily economy

Sinopec has carried out some investigation and Research on the feasibility of unified marketing in the early stage. The analysts of axense Xiwang energy believe that the unified marketing model may follow the model of PetroChina's unified marketing of liquefied gas - that is, set up special sales companies, and then set up sales branches in different regions across the country, so as to better plan resources and coordinate prices

at present, most market news is: Sinopec Kemen diagonal deformation experimental method under the action of earthquake force iso/cd 15822:2001 can carry out the unified marketing of liquefied gas in the third quarter of this year, establish a national sales company, and then set up four branches in South China, East China and China, taking the selection of door panel body and column trim panel as an example, China and North China (including Shandong)

Wu Guodong said that according to the refinery salesperson, Sinopec may set up a liquefied gas sales company in the future, which will be sold uniformly in South China, East China and North China. Once the operation is started, the initial stage may be through the coordination and transition of the refinery, that is, the refinery salesperson will report the inventory and price of each plant, and the specific operation and price approval will be reported to the region for the approval of the company, and then the unified office will be adopted. After understanding the situation of each plant through the resident personnel, the unified pricing will be coordinated, and the flow of goods will be arranged. To a certain extent, refer to Kunlun or CNOOC mode, and finally form their own unified marketing mode to standardize the market

unified marketing to compete with PetroChina Kunlun Gas

at present, Sinopec has a 38% market share in liquefied gas. Zhoucuiping, a liquefied gas analyst at business club, said that it has obvious advantages in the southern market. As a national benchmark enterprise, Guangzhou Petrochemical in the South and Nanjing refinery in the north, the prices of these two enterprises play a role as a weathervane for other domestic refineries

however, PetroChina Kunlun Gas has implemented the liquefied gas unified marketing strategy since its establishment in 2008. After integrating 35 refineries and oil fields under PetroChina at the end of 2010, it has gradually formed a sales model integrating refinery, sales, logistics and terminal

from the end of 2010 to 2011, Kunlun Gas will gradually extend its unified marketing tentacles to the south, directly pointing to the traditional territory of Sinopec, especially actively distributing the South China market. There are sales points in Shaoguan in northern Guangdong, eastern Guangdong and Guangxi. Kunlun Gas in Guangdong has also been officially operated since October 1, 2011, rapidly seizing the leadership in eastern Guangdong

at present, Guangdong Kunlun cooperates with Guangzhou Xinhua Chang wharf to build Guangdong Kunlun Guangzhou Branch, which is expected to be put into operation in May. At this point, Kunlun gas is again facing a traffic jam peak after 3 p.m. on the 22nd, and has made a strong attack on the Pearl River Delta. The competition in the core area of the liquefied gas market will be further upgraded

Wu Guodong believes that the emergence of Kunlun in Guangdong has greatly improved PetroChina's voice in South China, and the every move of the East Guangdong wharf has also become an important weathervane in the South China market, and the flag role of SINOPEC Guangzhou Petrochemical under Sinopec has been weakened to a certain extent. In order to keep its voice in liquefied gas in some regions, Sinopec intends to embark on the road of unified marketing. At the end of December 2010, Sinopec held a meeting to prepare for the unified marketing, but little progress was made. Yu Ying, an analyst at Zhongyu information, said that due to the complexity of the local price system, the difficulty in coordinating the interests of all parties, the regionalization of the liquefied gas market and other reasons, a specific unified marketing plan has been delayed

"Sinopec has indeed been promoting the pace of unified marketing, which must be a matter of time. At that time, Sinopec may focus on the deployment of key markets in East and South China, so as to ensure its role in the wind direction of leading markets and improve its voice and its own profits in market competition." Wu Guodong said

"Petrochemical Duo" monopoly intensifies

after the unified marketing of Sinopec liquefied gas, the market pattern will be changed again. "With reference to the changes after the final oil monopoly, Sinopec will no longer change its liquefied gas price as frequently as it currently does, but the single price adjustment range may be increased, and it will also be sold to downstream secondary depots, tertiary stations and other units, with chain development." Wu Guodong analyzed

Sun Jie, an analyst at zhuochuang information, believes that as the largest consumption base in China and the production base of Sinopec, Sinopec's unified marketing of liquefied gas products undoubtedly controls the downstream consumption lifeline of liquefied gas, which will greatly increase the resilience of liquefied gas in market fluctuations. The domestic liquefied gas market will form a "three pillars" pattern of PetroChina, Sinopec and local oil refining enterprises, which will undoubtedly hit local refineries that encounter "raw material" bottlenecks

Wu Guodong said that if Sinopec succeeds in the unified marketing, the "petrochemical giants" will have a more and more obvious monopoly on the liquefied gas market, and their control over the market price and operation mode will directly affect the next trend of the market. After the unified marketing, the integrated operation from production to sales to retail will also make it more difficult for local refiners and traders to operate in the dark

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