Sinopec joins hands with SK group to produce ethyl

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Sinopec joins hands with SK group to produce ethylene products

from the end of this month to January next year, the Qingzhou municipal government of South Korea and some South Korean institutions will promote the industrialization of new products every year around the replacement of imports, and Chinese enterprises, colleges and universities and other institutions will hold more than 20 special activities in Han, upgrading the traditional Wuhan "South Korea week" into a series of exchange activities that will last for half a year. Yesterday, Wuhan Foreign Affairs Office held a press conference to introduce the contents of Wuhan south korea exchange activities this year

During the event, Wuhan will sign a friendly exchange agreement with Qingzhou City, South Korea. Sinopec can also encourage other local companies to adopt such environmental protection materials and sign a cooperation framework agreement with SK group of South Korea on the 800000 ton ethylene project, including setting up an organization in Han to produce ethylene downstream products. It was agreed that the agreement between SK group of South Korea and Sinopec ethylene project will be signed at the Great Hall of the people in Beijing during the president's visit to China on the 28th

in addition, Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Commerce will sign a comprehensive cooperation agreement with CJ group of South Korea on the business between the group and Wuhan; Dongfeng Motor and South Korea LS power signed an agreement on the construction of an electric vehicle battery plant in Han; Dongxihu and Korean Xin Daejeon signed an agreement on the construction of Korean barbecue ovens and dishwasher factories

it is reported that the exchange activities also include the "China South Korea auto parts enterprise counterpart conference", the counterpart talks between South Korean small and medium-sized enterprises and Wuhan enterprises, and the South Korean trade association and Wuhan Water Bureau to discuss the lake treatment plan. From July 5 to 19, Korean enterprises will also carry out the "Korean food festival" in Han

from August 19 to 26 this year, the Wuhan Foreign Affairs Office will also organize the activity of "citizens visiting sister cities", and organize some citizens to visit the municipal government in the sister city of Wuhan, Qingzhou City, South Korea, and live in the homes of South Korean people to experience life. As an interaction, South Korea will send four civil servants to experience life in Baibuting community in Wuhan

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