Sinopec makes every effort to attack the synthetic

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Sinopec makes every effort to attack the synthetic rubber industry

Sinopec is considering five synthetic rubber projects with a total capacity of 270000 T/A, and most of the projects are planned to be put into operation in

these projects are designed to meet China's growing demand for synthetic rubber. The subsidiary of Sinopec guarantees that the water content is below 0.1%; What equipment has Shanghai Gaoqiao Petrochemical Company completed at the end of July? Whether it is equipment depends on the noise of the equipment, which has become the feasibility study of building a 100000 t/a styrene butadiene rubber plant in Shanghai. This proposed project is likely to be a joint venture with Asahi Kasei of Japan, with 50% shares each. Asahi Kasei's technology is also used, and the device is ready to be built in Caojing Shanghai chemical industry zone. It is planned to start construction in June 2003 and is expected to be completed in 2005. Using the raw materials from the cracking complex of Shanghai Secco Petrochemical Company, this complex is now under construction in Shanghai Chemical Industry Park

it is reported that Shanghai Gaoqiao Petrochemical Company also plans to expand the production of 80000 T/a cis polybutadiene rubber plant in Pudong to huxiaohui, the chief investment adviser of the Federal Reserve securities, told that the production expansion work is expected to start in 2003 and be completed within the year

Shanghai Gaoqiao BASF dispersion company is a joint venture between Gaoqiao Petrochemical Company and BASF. A feasibility study was conducted in August 2002. The 130000 T/a styrene butadiene latex plant in Gaoqiao will be further expanded. The feasibility study is expected to be completed in February 2003, and then the production expansion will begin. The expansion device is planned to be pumped in 2004. Sgbd has not decided how much capacity to expand production. The raw materials may be from Jiushi company, and Gaoqiao Petrochemical Company has a 10% stake in Jiushi. The Research Institute of PetroChina may provide technology for expanding production. In May this year, sgbd has expanded its production capacity from 110000 T/A to 130000 T/A, and 60000 T/A was expanded in 2000

Sinopec also made a feasibility study on the 40000 t/a EPDM plant to be built in Yanshan, Beijing. According to Sinopec, the proposed project may be a joint venture with Dutch national mining company, with 50% shares each, and DSM will transfer technology. The start-up time has not been set yet, and Sinopec plans to complete the feasibility study next year and start construction as soon as possible, using the raw materials of Yanshan Petrochemical Company

Sinopec is also considering building a butyl rubber plant with Bayer in Yanshan, with a production capacity of 60000 T/A. Sinopec has begun to make a feasibility study of the project

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