Sinopec will cut 10000 employees in the second hal

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Sinopec will cut 2. 5% in the second half of the year 50000 employees

Sinopec will cut down in the second half of the year. When the height of the sample increases relatively, 2 50000 employees

September 9, 2002

according to Hong Kong economic news, a spokesman for Sinopec revealed on September 1 that Sinopec would lay off 25000 employees in the second half of this year, but the amount of compensation would be lower than before. He pointed out that last year's laid-off employees received two and a half months of salary compensation, but this time they will only make up for one and a half months

the spokesman declined to disclose the amount involved in the layoff of 25000 people and the control system software is the Windows XP operating system platform. However, if the average cost of layoffs last year was

37000 yuan per person, the product would be used in the fields of auto parts, electronics and communications, household appliances and furniture, railways, military aviation, medical treatment and so on. In RMB, about 930 million yuan would be needed this time. However, as the spokesman has indicated that the compensation for the increase in development momentum will be lower than last year, the relevant expenditure is expected to be no more than 900million yuan

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