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Overview of China's imported printing machines in recent years

according to Customs Statistics: from 2003 to 2005, some domestic manufacturers could export 5 (6) items, and imported 246843 sets of various printing equipment and auxiliary equipment, with a total amount of 4.5 billion US dollars, equivalent to about 37 billion yuan. Among them, in 2003, China imported 47113 sets of various printing equipment and auxiliary equipment, about US $134557 million, equivalent to RMB 4.4 million/set. In 2004, China imported 135311 sets of various printing equipment and auxiliary equipment, about US $16134.1 million, equivalent to RMB 4.8 million/set

in 2005, China imported 64419 sets of various printing equipment and auxiliary equipment, including 1135 sets of sheet fed paper, about 780million US dollars, equivalent to 5.12 million yuan/set; 69 web offset presses, about US $102 million, equivalent to RMB 12.2 million/set

some foreign famous brand printing machines are indeed much higher than domestic ones in terms of technical level, product quality, stability and reliability, so the price is far higher than domestic similar products. However, some domestic enterprises are too superstitious about imported machines and ignore the technical performance and quality of products when importing machines, resulting in serious quality problems found in use and litigation

our center has accepted the arbitration inspection of foreign imported printing machines for many times in recent years, such as:

1) a printing factory in Beijing has introduced the German Heidelberg speedpa four-color CD-CP2000 offset press, and the print quality is not in line with gb/t32 because the print has obvious ink bars, which directly affects the success or failure of the experiment and the accuracy of the test data Xing; The requirements in the standard "technical conditions of sheet fed offset press". The printing factory believed that there had been serious ink marks since the installation and commissioning stage of the machine, and had filed a complaint with the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission

2) entrusted by the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, the center conducted quality arbitration on the lr25vt-5dh self-adhesive label printer produced by Iwasaki Co., Ltd. in accordance with jb/t self-adhesive label printer standard, the maximum printing speed did not meet the requirements of the standard and the operation instructions

3) entrusted by the Mudanjiang intermediate people's court, the Ryobi 512h two-color offset press produced by ryobiimit-ed (Japan leyoubi company) purchased by a printing factory in Mudanjiang City, according to the jb/t standard of small lithography press, the printing quality has obvious ink bars, which does not meet the jb/t standard of small lithography press

4) entrusted by the intermediate people's Court of Xi'an, the pressure in the mold is usually 50 ~ 120 bar (5000 ~ 12000kpa), the adaetominat745/aut of the Czech Adast offset press is tested, and two of them do not meet the standard requirements, such as: noise 86.5db (a) (exceeding the standard 85), and the uniformity of the stamping force is 16.8% (15%)

5) a printing factory in Wenzhou purchased a Manroland four-way four-color high-speed sheet fed offset press. After passing the appraisal of experts sent by the center, it was confirmed that there were serious ink bars in the press, and finally a claim of 100000 euros was made (Germany settled it according to economic compensation)

6) a printing Co., Ltd. in Shantou Special Economic Zone in Guangdong introduced the German Manroland high-speed folio six color plus light offset machine r7063blv, which was identified by experts dispatched by the center as:

a) the model is inconsistent, the host label is r7063b, and the contract model is r7063blv

b) the test found that the machine broke during transmission from the sixth unit to Shangguang unit and could not be handed over normally

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