Overview of PE markets around China on September 2

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On September 25, the PE market overview of various places

the quotation of PE market in Xiamen fell, the inquiry was cold, and the transaction was general. Traders did not report much hope for the future market, and they paid close attention to the petrochemical news, and their mentality of taking goods was more obvious. The quotation of Jihua 7042 is yuan/ton, and the hydraulic oil in the oil tank drives the high-pressure gear pump into the oil circuit through Electromechanical. The quotation of Guanghua 7042 is about 12500 yuan/ton, that of Lanhua 8008 is yuan/ton, that of 7260 is yuan/ton, and that of Iran 0220kj is 13250 yuan/ton. All the above quotations are tax inclusive

the PE market quotation in Linyi fell back, and there were few market transactions. Yangzi 7042 was tax free at 11800 yuan/ton, 1802 was tax free at 11850 yuan/ton, 2426h was quoted at 12400 yuan/ton, and imported injection molding was tax free at 11500 yuan/ton, 53005 Hard and tough: the quotation of large elastic modulus B is 12700 yuan/ton, the quotation of wire drawing material is chaotic, and the quotation of Yangzi 5000S is 12600 yuan/ton, free of tax

the inquiry atmosphere in Changzhou PE market was light, the quotation continued to decline, and the transaction performance was average. It is reported that the high-pressure/linear device of Lanzhou Petrochemical needs to be imported due to furnace tube damage, but the import procedures of such products are cumbersome, so the device may be shut down until the end of the year, but this news is not clear at present. CNPC high pressure is 12500 yuan/ton, delivery is 12600 yuan/ton, tn26/100ac quotation is 12600 yuan/ton, linear quotation is 12400 yuan/ton, and low pressure injection molding 7260 quotation is 12100 yuan/ton

Shunde PE market transactions continued to be flat, downstream demand still failed to follow up, traders were tired, and they were bearish about the future market. Sinopec's late policy adjustment was still one of the focuses of traders' attention. The quotation of Guangzhou Petrochemical 7042 is 12100 yuan/ton, that of Guangzhou Petrochemical 2001 is 12200 yuan/ton, that of 8916 is 12850 yuan/ton, that of 2911 is 12200 yuan/ton, that of Daqing 5000S is 13300 yuan/ton, and that of Saudi 218w is 12950 yuan/ton. All the above are tax free quotations

yesterday, local quotations continued to decline, market inquiries were light, crude oil/futures continued to decline today, and merchants' mentality was relatively fragile. Today, the price of Shanghai PE market fell slightly, and the transaction situation remained light. Domestic materials: the quotation of CNPC 2420h is 12500 yuan/ton, that of Yangba high pressure is yuan/ton, and that of 1810D is yuan/ton. Imported materials: 218w, the quotation is about yuan/ton

the quotation of PE market in Tianjin fell, and merchants had little hope for the market after the festival. Before the festival, low inventory shipping was the main thing. 9085 no tax 11500 yuan/ton, 9020 Linyi pick-up no tax 11650 yuan/ton, SECCO 0209aa quote 12350 yuan/ton, 0218d no tax 11800 yuan/ton, PetroChina 2426k quote 12400 yuan/ton, 15803 no tax 11790 yuan/ton, 5000S quote 13000 yuan/ton, 5300b quote 12700 yuan/ton, PetroChina North China low pressure injection molding yuan/ton

the quotation of PE market in Guangzhou has declined, the overall market turnover is cold, and the receiving situation of downstream factories has not changed significantly. While waiting for the future, traders pay close attention to the news trend of petrochemical. Guanghua Petrochemical/Maoming 7042 quote at RMB/ton, tr144 quote at 12700 yuan/ton, Maoming 5502 quote at 12600 yuan/ton, and Lanhua 8008/7260 quote at 12200 yuan/ton. All the above are tax inclusive prices

the PE market atmosphere in Shantou is relatively quiet. The commencement of downstream factories is still unsatisfactory, and the transaction performance is general. Traders continue to wait and see for the future market, and take it with you in operation. Guangzhou Petrochemical/Maoming 7042 tax-free yuan/ton, Jihua/Lanhua 7042 tax-free 11800 yuan/ton, Daqing 5300b tax-free about 11900 yuan/ton, 2911 tax-free 12000 yuan/ton, Lanhua 5000S tax-free yuan/ton

crude oil continued to fall, and the design of futures/warehouse receipts continued to decline slightly. Affected by this, the quotation of PE market in Hangzhou continued to decline, and merchants still actively shipped goods, and the overall transaction performance was flat. At present, the economic environment is not optimistic, petrochemical inventories are high and demand is weak. It is expected that the market will decline slightly before the holiday, mainly to digest resources. The quotation of 1c7a is 13000 yuan/ton, that of q281 is 13300 yuan/ton, and that of 5000S is about yuan/ton

due to the lack of confidence of most businesses in the market after the National Day holiday, they dare not reserve too much inventory before the holiday. Today, the linear quotation in Puyang PE market continues to fall, with the quotation of 7050 yuan/ton, and the atmosphere of early transaction is flat

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