Overview of PE markets around China on August 20

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On August 20, PE market overview around the country

the quotation of PE market in Xiamen continued to rise, and the transaction situation improved. Businesses continue to look forward to the recovery of demand and continue to wait for future adjustments. At present, the market is in short supply of low-pressure materials. Lanhua/Jihua 7042 quote 13300 yuan/ton, Lanhua/Daqing 2426h quote 13500 yuan/ton, and Lanhua 5000S quote yuan/ton. All the above are tax inclusive quotations

the market quotation in Linyi rose, and the overall transaction was general. Traders had different views on the future market, and some traders were optimistic about the market demand in September. 1c7a reports 14000 yuan/ton tax free, 1f7b reports 14500 yuan/ton, Yangzi line reports yuan/ton tax free, low-voltage wire drawing is out of stock, 5000S reports to yuan/ton, PetroChina new high pressure 2426h reports 13650 yuan/ton, 7260 reports 13150 yuan/ton

Shantou PE market quotation rebounded significantly, but the overall transaction atmosphere in the market was slightly calm, and the demand needs to be further restored. Businesses are eager to look forward to the trend of petrochemical news. Maoming 2426h reported 13300 yuan/ton including tax, Maoming tr144 reported 13000 yuan/ton, Jihua 9455f reported 13700 yuan/ton including tax, and 7260 reported 12100 yuan/ton, all of which are tax-free quotations

due to the conversion of Zhongyuan ethylene linear unit to 9088 but no genuine products are produced, Sinopec Beijing has not issued an order for the local 7050/9088, while traders have closed many offers for the sake of increasing expectations for the future market. Today, the local quotation of Zhongyuan is not much, and individual reference quotation is yuan/ton

the local quotation in Nanjing continued to rise, 7042 was quoted at 13600 yuan/ton, low-pressure wire drawing goods were few, some merchants quoted at yuan/ton, and the high-pressure price did not change much, Lanhua's 2426h was quoted at 13800 yuan/ton, Yangba high pressure was quoted at 13800 yuan/ton, and heavy packaging materials were 14200 yuan/ton

the PE market price in Shunde continues to rise, and the transaction shows slight signs of improvement. Traders continue to wait and see the trend of petrochemical policies and enter and leave cautiously. Maoming tr144 under reported 129 just 10 days ago on February 17, 50 yuan/ton, Maoming 8916 reported 12700 yuan/ton, Fushun 2911 reported 13000 yuan/ton, Daqing 5000S reported 13850 yuan/ton, all of which are tax exclusive quotations

the quotation around Yanshan continues to rise. 1c7a reported RMB/ton, 1f7b reported about 14500 yuan/ton, 2A reported 15400 yuan/ton, 5200b reported 13700 yuan/ton, 7600m reported 13700 yuan/ton, 3000je reported 13000 yuan/ton, 7260 reported 13100 yuan/ton. Merchants generally control the pace of shipment

the quotation of PE market in Guangzhou continues to rise, and the inquiry has increased compared with yesterday. The overall transaction atmosphere has slightly improved. Traders operate cautiously and continue to pay attention to the specific trends of PetroChina/SINOPEC. Lanhua/Maoming 2426h reported 13500 yuan/ton, Lanhua 8008 reported 13000 yuan/ton, 5502 reported 13700 yuan/ton, Maoming tr144 reported 13600 yuan/ton, all of which are tax inclusive prices

the quotation of Qilu Chemical City rose, but the market wait-and-see atmosphere was heavy, and the transaction was general. 7042 was tax-free, but it still became the first choice for customers. 12690 yuan/ton, 2102tn26 was tax-free 12950 yuan/ton, 2101. Tension testing machine of variable frequency system: 0tn00 was tax-free 13350 yuan/ton, 6098 was tax-free 13500 yuan/ton

the local transaction in Hangzhou yesterday was acceptable. Today, Shanghai Petrochemical's high-pressure 2PE plant was shut down until the end of the month, q281 resources will be tight in the late stage, the market quotation will be stable and upward, and the business mentality will be strongly supported by petrochemical Limited/overhaul. 100ac reports 13800 yuan/ton, tn26 reports 13800 yuan/ton, PetroChina high pressure reports 13800 yuan/ton, q281 reports 14100 yuan/ton, Yangzi customers purchase hydraulic universal testing machine, line type 13700 yuan/ton, Lanhua 7042 reports 13700 yuan/ton, 7260 reports 13000 yuan/ton, SECCO 5502fa reports 13300 yuan/ton

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