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overview of minimum flow recirculation regulating valve of feed pump

also known as high-pressure differential regulating valve, which is a regulating valve with novel structure. STC feed pump minimum flow recirculation regulating valve is an air defense multi-stage section press "reset" key flow regulating valve. This valve is mainly used in the feed water system of large generator sets. It is an important equipment to prevent the vaporization of boiler feed pump. It is also an installation structure point that the power plant can realize the processing method of traditional materials, which can not be completed. Design and imagine the key regulating valve. Speed up the development of large-size silicon single crystal polishing sheet, super large-size high-purity metal target One of the substrates and packaging materials for high-power microwave/laser devices, infrared detection and imaging materials, vacuum electronic materials, etc

cascade minimum flow recirculation regulating valve has the following advantages:

1 The fluid is depressurized step by step, the direction of the fluid changes constantly, and the flow resistance is increased to prevent the pressure difference of the flowing liquid from reaching 24MPa without cavitation. 2. The valve core has five stages of throttling, and a throttle orifice is set under the sealing surface of the valve seat. The minimum flow recirculation regulating valve of STC feed pump has two types: cascade structure and labyrinth structure. The purpose of fluid passing through zigzag channels is to consume fluid energy, reduce flow rate and prevent liquid cavitation. To improve the fluid flow state, control the flow rate of about 30m/s

3. The throttle surface is separated from the sealing surface. The valve core, valve core sleeve and throttle orifice plate are hardened, and the surface hardness reaches about HRC70. It is tightly closed and has a long service life

4. There is a large gap on the surface of the valve core. Even if the liquid contains 2~3mm welding slag and other solid particles, the valve core will not be stuck, and the action is flexible

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