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Overview of new technologies and equipment in the corrugated box industry

with the improvement of the technical force in the packaging machinery industry, some imperfect technologies have made great breakthroughs, and their applications in carton production show superior performance. The brilliance of hot technologies cannot hide the light emitted by the following technological breakthroughs

1. Tungsten carbide corrugating roller

as the corrugating roller at the heart of single-sided machine, it plays a decisive role in the quality of corrugated board and has a direct impact on economic benefits. Before 2005, high-quality corrugated rollers were dominated by foreign corrugated roller manufacturers, and Chinese people could only sigh at the high-quality tungsten carbide corrugated rollers. In February, 2005, Shanghai DASONG Corrugated Roller Industry Co., Ltd. officially introduced the carbide corrugated roller to the market, becoming the first carbide manufacturer in China

carbide corrugating roller adopts carbide alloy powder with high density, high hardness and strong wear resistance as the coating, and uses thermal spraying to spray this coating with good fluidity on the cylinder of finishing and fine treatment

compared with ordinary corrugating rollers, carbide corrugating rollers have the following advantages:

the carbide coating with excellent wear-resistant characteristics can make the corrugating rollers designed in an ideal state, so the optimal tooth shape design can be obtained, so as to obtain the ideal corrugating shape

the increase of the top circle after the wear of ordinary corrugating rollers will lead to a large amount of glue and affect the quality of paperboard; Carbide corrugating roller can ensure that the tooth height and top circle remain unchanged for a long time, and ensure the stable quality of paperboard

reduce the consumption of core paper by 2% - 8%, reduce the consumption of glue paste, reduce waste, reduce the replacement times of corrugated rollers, and reduce the damage to other groups

it is easy to repair, and the diameter of the repaired corrugating roll is almost unchanged. The re sprayed corrugating roll can also reach the service life of the newly made carbide corrugating roll

2. Digital printing

digital printing technology has broken the traditional printing technology of large-scale production and complex processes. In traditional printing, it is necessary to make a plate for the pattern from design to printing, and then transfer it to the substrate. The cost of plate making is expensive, which can not be borne by a small number of orders. Digital printing not only solves this problem, but also speeds up the printing process, and also plays a role in environmental protection

this technological change has a rapid impact on the field of commercial printing and large volume printing of books and periodicals. However, under the constraints of digital printing, it has been rarely used in the field of packaging printing. Since 2004, saiangel company (now acquired by HP) has brought saiangel Kejie digital printing machine to China, which makes the convenience, speed and personalization of packaging and printing perfect. Packaging digital printing has received widespread attention in the industry in this year. It is believed that the upcoming short form will bring a bright spring to packaging digital printing

3. Automatic paste making system/automatic glue making machine

the pasting process has always been regarded as one of the key factors related to product quality in the production process of corrugated paper products, because the quality of paperboard gluing box depends on the quality of glue. The industry also compares the important role of glue in the production of corrugated paper to the "blood" of corrugated wire. However, it is difficult to unify the quality indicators of artificial glue making, which not only affects the stability of the assembly line process, but also produces a large number of waste products. Automatic glue making machine appeared in the Netherlands more than ten years ago, and it is understood that there is only one such machine abroad at present. Chengdu innovative corrugated products Technology Co., Ltd. successfully developed the automatic paste system in 2003. After more than a year of promotion, it has achieved good results. The machine adopts computer automatic control, all raw materials are added automatically, and the quality of each batch of glue is guaranteed. This automatic glue mixing machine can provide different formulas of glue according to the different heating conditions of glue points and the changes of paper. The paste level and temperature of each glue point storage tank are monitored by computer and configured automatically. Viscosity, gelatinization temperature, solid content and glue temperature are accurately controlled by computer, so that the production process of the assembly line can reach the best state. A set of system can be used for more than two cardboard production lines at the same time. After a can of glue is used, the system will automatically start the cleaning process to clean the glue can. The computer system of the automatic glue mixing machine will automatically store nearly 20 recipes. In addition, it also has perfect intelligent management reports, so that cost control is accurate and reliable

4. Automatic ink dispensing system

when the corrugated box is transitioning from the transportation packaging function to the sales packaging function, the importance of printing quality and effect is self-evident, so the importance of the use and management of ink also appears. Therefore, a new ink supply method, which is different from the traditional ink supply method, came into being, that is, the automatic ink dispensing system. Inkmastersrl, Pacific ink and Oriental ink launched their own automatic ink blending systems at the "2005 China International Corrugated Exhibition"

this automatic blending process is to pump out liquid or slurry materials from storage containers, and then excite the door through a series of hoses and pipes to a large number of containers, such as small barrels, drums, open containers, storage tanks, etc. The extracted materials are accurately weighed by the measuring scale, and are controlled and monitored by advanced software programs

for example, inkmaker prism's automatic ink blending system designed for small and medium-sized factories can blend any color according to production needs at any time. It can not only reduce the ink inventory, reduce the waste of ink that facilitates the external connection between the system and the computer and data transmission, improve production efficiency, but also recycle ink and reduce environmental pollution

another example is the Pacific ink accubatch2020e on-site ink distribution system, which reduces the ink cost and shortens the downtime. It only requires a floor area of 14.5 square meters, which can be adjusted according to the development of the enterprise. The software operating system used has multiple language options, fast installation, timely equipment maintenance, and short downtime

5. Laser engraving plate making

laser engraving plate making technology is a new method of flexographic printing plate making. Flexographic printing with laser engraving makes a qualitative leap in printing quality. Laser engraving plate making not only has fast speed and high precision, but also can realize seamless continuous plate making. It can carve ideal plates for rubber plate, flexible plate, resin plate, ceramic corrugating roller, etc

Dongguan Yueming Laser Technology Co., Ltd. is an earlier company engaged in laser engraving production in China. Since it officially launched its products into the market in 2001, it has continuously made technological improvements, improved the rapid edge hooking function and camera positioning function, increased the engraving speed by more than ten times and positioned more accurately. With the help of the main control board built by the latest DSP technology and imported motors, the engraving speed has reached 60m/min, becoming the highest speed in China at present, close to the engraving speed of similar foreign products. With the popularity of flexographic printing, laser engraving will also be more applied and the technology will become more and more perfect

6. Liquid flexible version

due to the liquid flexible Jinan experimental machine, five kinds of protection and troubleshooting version materials are composed of high viscous resin, also known as liquid flexible resin version. With its unique advantages, liquid flexible resin plate is widely used in corrugated box printing in Europe, America, Japan and Australia, and accounts for half of the corrugated box applications in Southeast Asian countries. The liquid flexible resin plate is washed with water solvent, which is pollution-free, environmentally friendly, and the cost is lower than that of the solid version. The affinity of the printing plate surface to the severe and unnecessary waste of water potential is much higher than that of the solid version, and the ink transfer effect is better. The paper time of liquid version is about 1.5 hours, while that of solid version is more than 3.5 hours

the application rate of liquid flexible resin board in China is not high compared with that in foreign countries. So far, there are only a few liquid photosensitive resin paperboard machines in China. However, from the perspective of environmental protection and increasing the self-interest of enterprises, with the passage of time, it will be a general trend for liquid photosensitive resin flexible plate making to replace solid flexible plate making

7. Corrugated machine conveyor belt

at the "2005 China International Corrugated Exhibition", we saw ondulvit 1F anti-skid belt brought by brique company of France. This kind of anti-skid belt is aimed at the slip phenomenon on the high-speed line, and the coating with high friction coefficient and heat resistance is especially adopted, which can ensure that any paperboard can run on the high-speed line without slipping. Therefore, the benefits are obvious: reduce downtime; Production is not limited by paper conditions; On the crosscutting and slitting machine, the cutting length is more accurate; Keep the lower belt clean and free of indentation on other processing lines. This can completely change the design of the tension section or cold section of the production line, such as designing a machine with fewer pressure rollers to make FCT better; Design short machines, reduce manufacturing costs and save space; Get the perfect tension to make the cardboard size accurate and the cardboard does not slip

at present, some advanced manufacturers in the world have applied this kind of belt to the new double-sided machine and achieved unexpected success

8. Wrinkle roll cleaning technology

the advanced wrinkle roll cleaning concept "thixo facial mask cleaning" has become the protagonist of wrinkle roll cleaning technology in 2005. The principle of this technology is to use high-pressure granular high-concentration oxygen carbonate for long-term storage or convenient operation of workers, and then inject it into the ejector. After fully automatic distribution and mixing of compressed air, the concentrated elements begin to decompose. When spraying, when the oxygen carbonate contacts the ink on the roller, it will quickly oxidize the ink into organic matter, making it a structure that is easy to fall off

this technology is characterized by rapid cleaning and low cost; It can reduce the shutdown time; Dry decontamination can be operated directly on the production line; Thixo element vaporizes instantly during injection, without residue and secondary pollution; Do not hurt ceramics and metals; Harmless to human body; Simple and safe operation. At present, Guangzhou norun Industrial Materials Co., Ltd. has introduced this technology to the domestic market

9. High speed and high efficiency of high-speed paper receiving machine is sometimes a seemingly simple experiment in recent years. The experimental method and actual interpretation and analysis results are the direction that carton enterprises will pursue in a disguised form at low cost in the case of cost increase and profit decline in learned years. The paper receiving speed of BSH sp-x can be stabilized at 350m/min. this is because the double control of BSH can preset the paper tension under all operating conditions and modes, so as to avoid the formation of waste paper due to extreme tension. At the same time, the high-quality serrated knife can ensure the smooth cutting of old paper webs, and the bonding system can ensure the safe paper receiving of new paper webs, making the reliability of paper receiving more than 99%. It only needs 60mm to connect the paper head at the end of the zero paper, which can avoid unnecessary waste when connecting the paper, reduce the shutdown of the tile line and the occurrence of quality problems, and ensure the stable high production speed and the high cardboard quality of the whole production line. At present, it is reliable to ensure continuous operation and improve the average production output and paperboard quality; Base paper suitable for all grades of gram weight (80g/m2 ~ 440G/m2); Ensure that the existing tile line can be embedded smoothly

at the same time, Qingdao micron SSP series launched 150m/min and 180m/min paper receiving speeds according to the domestic situation to meet the operation needs of more than 80% of the domestic paperboard production lines. Its accurate speed tracking and control are very important to the success rate of paper receiving of the breakable base paper. The very gentle tension change in the paper receiving process makes the breakable base paper with low tension level can also be used safely, The abandonment of those impractical functions and indicators reflects the customer-friendly design concept, which greatly reduces the purchase cost and use cost. Reduce the loss of base paper, reduce production energy consumption, tension automatic control, and realize the whole process control of high-speed paper receiving PLC

10. Equalizer

dimensional accuracy of automatic packaging production line for cartons

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