Overview of PE markets around China on April 11

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On April 11, the PE market overview of various places

the PE market in Xiamen is doomed to be poor in adaptability and weak in impact. Some merchants have a heavy mentality in shipping. What is the reason why the installation of high-pressure hydraulic universal testing machine needs the guidance of the manufacturer? The price is slightly chaotic, 2426h Daqing/Lanhua yuan/ton, a small amount of quotation is 13450 yuan/ton, the line shape is relatively stable, 7042 Jihua 13900 yuan/ton, 7050 Kuwait tax-free 13500 yuan/ton, tax included 14200 yuan/ton, injection molding 8008 Lanhua yuan/ton, some imported injection molding to Hong Kong, 9018 in the United States at 14750 yuan/ton, 9006 in the United States at 14400 yuan/ton

Changzhou continued to stabilize, market transactions continued to be flat, merchants' mentality was stable, the short-term market was in a stalemate, and it was expected to continue to operate at a high level. Jihua 7042 yuan/ton, Yangzi 1802 yuan/ton, PetroChina 2426h 13650 yuan/ton, tn26/100ac 13750 yuan/ton

the local atmosphere in Nanjing is general, there are not many market resources, and the quotation is stable. 1802 goods are less, 7042 yuan/ton, low-voltage wire drawing is at yuan/ton, 5301b is at 13750 yuan/ton, 4803t is at 14300 yuan/ton, 5310M is at 14000 yuan/ton, and Yangba high voltage 2426h goods are less at yuan/ton

the quotation in Tianjin market is mainly stable, and the demand is still weak. The transaction is general, 9020 yuan/ton, and there is room for counter-offer. PetroChina 7042 reports 13800 yuan/ton, 2420h/2426h/2426f reports 13650 yuan/ton, 5000S reports 13650 yuan/ton, 5300b reports 13700 yuan/ton, 9488f reports 13400 yuan/ton, SECCO linear reports 13900 yuan/ton, 5502fa reports 13650 yuan/ton

the mainstream of local prices in Hangzhou continues to stabilize today, with the quotation of some varieties rising and falling, and the transaction is still dominated by the varieties with less goods. 1c7a is quoted at 14600 yuan/ton, 100ac is quoted at yuan/ton, and Yangba 2420h is upside down at 100 yuan/ton; Low pressure stabilized, domestic wire drawing yuan/ton, and PetroChina 5300b reported to 13550 yuan/ton

today, the local atmosphere in Shanghai is stable, the mainstream market quotation continues to stabilize, and the inquiry situation of low-pressure injection molding is OK. On the whole, the downstream is still on demand, and the transaction situation remains average. Domestic materials: q281 is reported at 13850 yuan/ton, N150 yuan/ton, Yangba high pressure membrane upside down is reported at 50 yuan/ton, SECCO 0220kj is reported at 14000 yuan/ton, 0220aa is reported at 13950 yuan/ton. Imported materials: Dow 8007 reported 14700 yuan/ton, 3224 reported 14000 yuan/ton, mg70 reported 16000 yuan/ton, 3003 reported 14650 yuan/ton, "Us 5502b reported 13550 yuan/ton, 53ea010 reported 13650 yuan/ton.

today, the mainstream quotation around Yanshan continued to hold steady, and the market inquiry in the morning was flat, 1c7a reported 13550 yuan/ton, ld100ac reported 13550 yuan/ton, 1i21.2.2 after the end of the experiment: if the fire supply was stopped for 1 hour, the sample was still burning a reported 13550 yuan/ton, ld105 reported 13550 yuan/ton.

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