The ethylene supply gap of the hottest chemical in

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The supply gap of ethylene in chemical industry will increase year by year

industry 2. Measurement and control software features of ring stiffness testing machine: experts recently pointed out that in the next few years, although China's ethylene production capacity will be greatly improved, its development will face two major technical difficulties, and the supply gap will gradually increase. According to experts from Sinopec, the total output of ethylene in China in 2002 was 5.414 million tons, the demand was 14.5 million tons, and the gap was 8.97 million tons. By 2005, China's annual ethylene production capacity will increase to about 9million tons, and the demand will reach 18.9 million tons. By 2010, the national ethylene production capacity will reach 13.9 million tons. The equivalent demand in the same period is 25.7 million tons, and the gap will be further widened to 11.81 million tons

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