Developing rubber industry relying on large ethyle

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Relying on large ethylene to develop rubber industry

at the strategic planning seminar and project promotion conference of Fushun high tech Industrial Development Zone in China in 2009, Fushun high tech Industrial Development Zone for advanced performance utilization signed a 150000 ton cracked carbon five separation co production of 40000 tons of isoprene rubber project with Qingdao IKOs New Material Co., Ltd. using the structural characteristics of the machine with a total investment of 1 billion yuan, Become the largest of the 22 contracted projects. So, what attracted this enterprise to invest and develop here? What is its plan? With these questions, this station interviewed Wang Hao, general manager of the company

according to Wang Hao, the project they intend to build has developed well in Japan and South Korea, and has a good market prospect in China. The supply of rubber raw materials is in short supply. The original production scale of Qingdao IKOs new materials Co., Ltd. can no longer meet the market demand, so it is urgent to expand reproduction. They were deeply attracted by Fushun's resources and policy advantages. After some investigation, they finally decided to invest in Fushun high tech Industrial Development Zone. Wang Hao said: "Seeing that Fushun has such a good policy and such a good development prospect, we decided to do our business here. Enterprises prefer to find a very honest government cooperation and some honest offices, which will get long-term and stable benefits. Therefore, we pay more attention to this. At the same time, resources are the lifeline of product production. Without a stable resource, the production efficiency of enterprises will be improved after construction Very low. Nanshan aluminum has made a major breakthrough in civil aircraft aluminum, and relying on PetroChina Fushun Petrochemical will have a good guarantee. "

according to Wang Hao, the industrial chain of the park is divided into two parts. This time, 150000 tons of cracked carbon five are separated and 40000 tons of isoprene rubber are produced. Next, high-end products such as phase 52 plastic grease and phase 52 plastic grease will be further processed. It is planned to invest in this project in one year, which mainly depends on the supporting conditions of Fushun project. It is preliminarily planned to produce rare earth isoprene rubber. Rare earth is a system and very environmentally friendly. Isoprene rubber is now the only one that can replace natural rubber, so we choose this as a breakthrough, first solve the problem of strategic resources, and then derive more varieties

Wang Hao said: "our technology is very mature, and our company is integrated with technology, development and production. We have very clear procedures for capital construction. The supporting policies are so good, the government is so strongly supported, and the leaders are so dedicated. As long as the raw materials arrive, everything will be available. If we want to do it, we must do it to the greatest extent and do it first. We must form a scale. First, we should do it well at home, and the next step should focus on the international level."

it is understood that the investment income of this project is considerable. If more large-scale fine chemical enterprises settle in the high-tech Industrial Development Zone, the grand goal of "rebuilding Fushun in three to five years" will be around the corner

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